Withdrawal of Nottinghamshire’s Minerals Local Plan

Nottinghamshire County Council have withdrawn their emerging Minerals Local Plan (MLP).
The County Council had been preparing a new MLP to cover the period up until 2030, a process which began in 2012 and has included a number of public consultations. In November 2016 the County Council endorsed the MLP for submission to an independent Examination in Public, with an Inspector having been appointed and the examination scheduled to take place in June/July 2017.
Owing to a number of objections received the veracity of the evidence base for assessing need had been raised as an issue and the Inspector had identified this for consideration in the examination.
When work on the draft MLP began in 2012, the most recent Local Aggregates Assessment data available related to the period 2002-2011. Subsequent data has shown a lower than anticipated demand for aggregates and NCC considered that, if the needs assessment for the draft MLP was based on the more up to date figures, it is possible that the level of need would be different and that fewer sites could be required.
Given the changing levels of demand for aggregate and the concerns raised about the veracity of the current evidence base, it was considered in the best interests of all parties for a review of the assessment of need to be undertaken before proceeding.