Restoration and Leisure

Restoration and Leisure

Maximising a site’s long term potential

Many sites have significant potential once extraction has been completed and Hughes Craven has successfully brought forward proposals for a range of uses, from nature reserves to marinas and holiday villages.

Owing to the long-term and dynamic nature of mineral sites, agreed restoration plans can rapidly become outdated or uneconomic. We can investigate the various options on a site by site basis and update schemes to reflect the most beneficial solution for all parties.

The most appropriate potential end use of sites is often dictated by a combination of their physical characteristics, their location and the nature of the surrounding area. Our services include:

  • Initial appraisal of a site’s potential future uses, including reviews of local needs, social, environmental and planning policy factors.
  • Promotion of sites through Local Plans to ensure the potential uses are considered in advance.
  • Amendment of previous restoration and aftercare schemes to reflect current environmental issues and local preferences.
  • Liaison with potentially interested parties, including local communities, developers and land agents.