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Hughes Craven is an independent consultancy specialising in geology, minerals and waste planning, environmental assessment and mineral safeguarding. We offer a range of professional, cost effective services in order to ensure that clients maximise the value of their assets whilst complying with increasingly rigorous environmental standards.

With a strong mix of practical skills, knowledge and experience we operate across a variety of closely related and complimentary disciplines throughout the UK.

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  • Aggregates

    Whether crushed rock or sand and gravel, Hughes Craven can provide a range of planning and environmental services to aggregates companies.


  • Building Stone

    We have a broad experience in locating specific building stone types for clients throughout the UK - securing stone supply for repair, maintenance and new build.


  • Recycling and Waste

    Hughes Craven offer planning and environmental services for a variety of waste management and related facilities.


  • Restoration and Leisure

    Many sites have significant potential once extraction has been completed and Hughes Craven has successfully brought forward proposals for a range of uses.


  • Mineral Safeguarding

    Mineral safeguarding is the process used in the planning system to ensure that potential mineral resources are not needlessly sterilised.


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North Lincolnshire Local Plan (2020 to 2038) – Publication Draft (Regulation 19) Consultation

North Lincolnshire Council is preparing a new single Local Plan for its area. It will establish a vision and objectives, allocate sites for housing, employment, mineral, waste and other forms of development, and will include development management policies up to 2038. As well as setting out where new development will go, the Plan will also […]

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