Planning Applications

Planning Applications

Minerals and waste developments are often complex and can give rise to conflicting planning demands. To be successful, proposals need to be supported by the appropriate planning and environmental assessments which highlight the benefits of a development and demonstrate a lack of long term negative impacts.

Hughes Craven has experience of a wide variety of Applications, including:

  • The development of exploratory and greenfield sites, extensions to existing sites and restoration schemes, including those involving the use of waste materials.
  • The re-activation of dormant permissions, obtaining consents for sites where planning may have lapsed and Reviews of Mineral Planning Permissions (ROMPS).
  • Ancillary developments, including recycling, concrete batching, asphalt plants etc.
  • The variation of existing consents, working methods and restoration schemes.

In some cases the recovery of minerals can be incidental to the primary development and increasingly schemes for housing, road building or recreational uses involve the recovery of minerals, often requiring separate planning applications.

Although we principally provide a full-service of managing and co-ordinating the planning process on behalf of the client, we are happy to provide free-standing planning statements to support clients or their agents in the preparation of planning applications.