In circumstances where the application process has not resulted in the desired outcome, the planning system allows applicants to appeal to an independent party – in most cases the Planning Inspectorate.

Different refusals demand differing appeal strategies, tailored to the circumstances of the refusal and the complexity of the scheme. Whatever the reasons for refusal, Hughes Craven can identify the key issues and advise on the best course of action.

There are three main types of appeal:

  • Written Representation appeals offer a timely and cost-effective solution, and are ideal where the issues can be clearly understood.
  • Informal Hearing appeals are well-suited where the issues need to be debated on site or where the Inspector will need to test the evidence by questioning the parties involved.
  • The Public Inquiry route is reserved for complex cases involving the interpretation of policy, and where necessary, for the cross examination of expert witnesses.

Whilst the Planning Inspectorate decides the format of an appeal, we can guide clients through the system and ensure that appeals are considered in the most appropriate manner and the chances of success maximised. We have direct access to the Bar and can therefore instruct Barristers to act on behalf of clients in appeal and associated proceedings.