Geology and Site Investigations

Geology and Site Investigations

Hughes Craven has its roots in the minerals sector and provides a comprehensive range of technical and professional services, covering all aspects of the exploration, assessment, and development of mineral resources.


  • We can undertake comprehensive desk-based studies of geological plans and records, leading to the identification of potential areas of search and of specific target areas/minerals.
  • Once targets have been identified, we can undertake the design, implementation and supervision of geological investigations, the analysis of exploration drilling and trial pitting data and the evaluation of a potential resource.

Site Appraisals

Once an initial evaluation has confirmed a potentially viable target, we can assist in maximising the benefits of that resource. This pre-planning stage is often a critical early step in the development procedure and may entail:

  • The review of available historic information, the initial screening of potential environmental limitations and a review of current and emerging planning policy.
  • The definition of site design parameters and the identification of a viable site design, including any mitigation strategies and advanced works which may be necessary.