Recycling and Waste

Recycling and Waste

Making waste work

Mineral sites are widely recognised as ideal locations for recycling and waste management activities, and the co-location of related developments can introduce significant efficiencies in site operations whilst opening up a range of restoration potentials.

Hughes Craven offer planning and environmental services for a variety of waste management and related facilities. We can also arrange the preparation of applications for Environmental Permits or Waste Exemptions as required by the Environment Agency.

Our services include:

  • The appraisal of existing minerals or other sites to determine their suitability for recycling and waste activities.
  • The preparation and submission of planning applications for recycling and waste disposal activities, including appropriate pre-application discussions and consultations.
  • The modification of existing schemes to include recycling/waste activities including the use of wastes and byproducts in engineering and restoration schemes.
  • The preparation of applications for Environmental Permits, Exemptions and Extractive Materials Management Statements.