Nottinghamshire County Council Consultation

Following withdrawal of their previous draft Minerals Local Plan in May 2017, Nottinghamshire County Council have commenced works on their new Minerals Local Plan.
The new Minerals Local Plan will cover the period 2016 to 2036 and will set out how much mineral is likely to be required, site specific allocations to meet identified demand and a range of planning policies against which future minerals development will be assessed.
The first stage in the development of the new minerals plan, known as the ‘Issues and Options’ has now been published for a period of public consultation. The purpose of this exercise is to set out the main issues expected to arise during the Plan period and to explore what reasonable options exist to resolve them.
It is important to note that any comments made on the Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan withdrawn in May 2017 cannot be taken into account as part of the preparation of the new Minerals Local Plan.
The Issues and Options consultation document will not be considering or identifying new quarries. This process will be undertaken at a later stage in the Plan preparation process.
The consultation period runs between 20 November 2017 and 14 January 2018.