North Lincolnshire Local Plan (2020 to 2038) – Publication Draft (Regulation 19) Consultation

North Lincolnshire Council is preparing a new single Local Plan for its area. It will establish a vision and objectives, allocate sites for housing, employment, mineral, waste and other forms of development, and will include development management policies up to 2038.

As well as setting out where new development will go, the Plan will also include policies which seek to protect and preserve open space, green infrastructure, the historic environment, and environmental assets. Importantly the new Plan will also update North Lincolnshire’s Minerals Safeguarding position.  

A six-week public consultation period commenced on Friday 15 October 2021 on this last stage of the new North Lincolnshire Local Plan, known as the Publication Draft Stage. The final day of public consultation is Friday 26 November 2021. 

Hughes Craven Ltd. are promoting a number of minerals and waste sites within the Plan and, whilst the opportunity to submit new sites has now passed, should you wish to discuss any minerals related aspects of the emerging Plan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.