Extension of Time for Building Stone Quarry

North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) have approved a 15 year extension to the life of an important building stone quarry in order to allow remaining reserves of high quality limestone to be worked.

Working on behalf of the landowner, Hughes Craven Ltd. initially undertook pre-application discussions with NYCC, with a subsequent request for a Screening Opinion confirming that the proposals did not represent Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) development.

A Section 73 application was duly submitted to vary the existing permission and, following the results of consultations, further technical discussions were undertaken with NYCC. These aimed to ensure that the proposed scheme was both acceptable in terms of environmental and amenity impacts whilst also being practical for the Applicant to implement. Following these discussions the application was approved under delegated powers.

In granting permission NYCC recognised the importance of maintaining supplies of high quality building stone and the associated benefits to the local economy. By undertaking appropriate pre-applications discussions, preparing a comprehensive application, and undertaking productive, post application discussions, the need for the application to be determined by committee was avoided, thus saving time and reducing overall costs.