Extension of a Building Stone (Limestone) Quarry, Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire County Council has approved a 4ha. extension to an historic building stone quarry contrary to Officer recommendation. The Application included an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), along with specialist noise, archaeological and ecological reports.

The quarry had been historically been worked intensely however there was no evidence that permission under the ‘Interim Development Orders’ had been granted and working continued to take place intermittently and without permission.

Accordingly, in addition to the extension, planning permission was also sought to use land within the old quarry for ancillary development to facilitate the mineral development on adjoining agricultural land, including a working area, waste storage area and a haul road.

The Case Officer recommended that permission be refused because it was considered that there was no need for a new building stone quarry since the material could be sourced from other quarries nearby. Hughes Craven successfully argued that other nearby quarries produced stone from different horizons and the Committee approved both Applications subject to conditions.